Lighting Designer/Operator
The primary purpose of the Lighting Designer is to help bring clarity and focus on what is happening on stage for weekend services using lighting instruments. The responsibility of the Lighting Designer is to help create a dynamic, visual worship environment by adding dimension, interest, focus and depth to weekend services.

Camera Operator
This team is responsible for operating the cameras inside of the sanctuary with the goal of capturing the service. The Camera Operator will listen to the direction of the Director and cooperate as part of the Production Team. Experience with a video camera is preferred, but not required.

Sound Tech
This team is responsible for skillfully and artistically creating an audio mix for Sunday services. Their most important job is ensuring that the worship band has everything they need audibly, so that they can freely worship while playing, and lead the congregation in powerful, authentic worship. Experience mixing live music on a digital board preferred, but not required.

ProPresenter Operator
This team is responsible for projecting worship lyrics, sermon points, scriptures, and video playback for the congregation. As an integral part of the service flow and worship leading, this person is tasked with displaying media without distraction each weekend. Experience working on a mac preferred, but not required.

Worship Team – Vocalists/Musicians –
The Worship Team plays a vital role in the services of our church as they use their musical gifts from God to facilitate corporate, musical worship. Team members work together under the leadership of the Worship Arts Director or a volunteer worship leader who is led and supported by the Worship Arts Pastor. Auditions are required. Must be available for Thursday night rehearsals.

Acting/Theatre, Dance, Painting, Set Design, Spoken Word Experience in any of these art forms or creativity and craftsmanship desired.

Online Church Host
When people can’t be “in the house”, they can watch online. The primary responsibility of the Online Church Host is to live chat with our online church for our Sunday service broadcasts. Basic computer skills required.

Social Ministry All-Stars
Love Jesus and have a desire to use social media to build His Kingdom? This team works together to increase TFH’s social media presence in our community using Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. You would engage with posts made by TFH accounts to spread the word about events, teachings, programs, & more.

Community Events Team
Throughout the year, TFH will host and participate in community events designed to let people know our mission and who we are. Opportunities could include set-up/clean-up, registration, planning, & hosting.

For Our Neighbors Team
TFH has ongoing partnerships with community businesses & schools. Our goal is to serve these organizations during the year. Examples include spring diaper/wipe drive for a pregnancy center; serving our adopted school, Leesburg elementary with help throughout the year; Leesburg area chamber serving at their community events. If you are interested in serving and letting our community know about TFH, this team is for you.

Resource Center Team
This team sells resources and materials such as t-shirts, bibles, books, etc. Basic math skills required. Must be comfortable using an IPad for monetary transactions.

Check-In Team
This team welcomes and checks in all our volunteers and members of Team TFH.

Foyer / Hospitality Team
The foyer is a gathering place for people before and after service. A place to chat, relax and get to know each other a bit. The objective is simple: Make it feel like home. The Foyer/Hospitality team is two parts, one that serves and one that welcomes.

Armor Bearer Team
Serves the pastor or leader in any way possible. Acting as a spiritual equivalent to a personal assistant and in our Church acts as a protector to the Pastoral Member he is serving. Understand and respect boundaries. Serving in this capacity may place you in positions to hear and observe things that are not meant to be shared. Must be a TFH Partner.

Golf Cart Team
This team will provide transportation to church attendees who need assistance getting to and from their cars before and after services and events. This team will also work hand in hand with the parking and safety ministries as well since they will be “eyes and ears”. This team is also part of the First Impressions Team and how you interact with the guests will vastly impact the way they view the church and shape their experience here at TFH. Must be a TFH Partner and have a valid driver’s license.

Greeter Team
Greeters have the opportunity to make the largest impact with the simplest action – a smile – and to foster the atmosphere of acceptance and love in the Church. Greeters welcome our members and attendees by opening the door, smiling, handing out sermon notes, answering general information about the church or upcoming events and directing new people to the appropriate areas. They also play a vital part in observing things that may seem to be out of the ordinary and taking proactive steps when necessary. In no way are you required to be confrontational!

Parking Team
The basic function of the Parking Team is to ensure safe traffic flow as needed for any TFH gathering. This can range from setting up cones, directing traffic flow, observing and reporting suspicious incidences, checking out someone who has fainted, a child who has fallen, or someone having an actual medical emergency. You will provide appropriate assistance until the necessary response team is dispatched and on scene when needed.

Usher Team
Serving as an Usher helps the church to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for guests attending weekend services and special events. Ushers seat guests, collect offerings, serve communion, and other duties as required/requested as ministry assistants to the pastoral staff during the worship service. Manage traffic flow as guests enter the adult worship area. The usher team serves during weekend services as well as during special events as needed. In addition to serving as part of weekend services, ushers may be asked to attend periodic training classes. Must be a TFH Partner.

Medical Team
The basic functions of the Medical Team are to provide medical assistance as needed for any TFH gathering. This can range from checking out someone who has fainted, a child who has fallen, or someone having an actual medical emergency. You will provide appropriate assistance until the necessary response team is dispatched and on scene when needed. Must be or become CPR/AED Certified.

Prayer Team
This team consists of
Trained intercessors who cover the weekend and midweek services in prayer, preparing the way for the Lord while the service is happening.

Trained warriors who pray for others during Altar time.

Must be a TFH Partner & Interview with Freedom & Care Pastor Required.

These teams provide Spiritual and Hands-On Care Management to our TFH family when they or a family member have an illness, crisis, or death in the family.

Card Ministry Team
This Team sends birthday, get well, condolence, & encouragement cards. Must be a TFH Partner.

Prayer & Visitation Team
This Team follows up with individual prayer requests by phone call or email. Must be a TFH Partner & Interview with Family Care Pastor Required.

Funeral Team
This Team helps with set-up, breakdown and creating a welcoming environment for our TFH family when we conduct a funeral service.

Lend Them a Hand Team
This Team provides hands on assistance to our TFH Family when needed in the areas of minor household repairs.

Take Them a Meal Team
This team provides meals to our TFH Family when in need due to illness, surgery, death, etc.

Life Group Leaders Team
This team knows real life change takes place through the context of relationships. As a Life Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts, and live out the Great Commission. Group types: Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Marriage & Family, Discipleship, Freedom & Care, and Outreach. Must be a TFH Partner.

Growth Track Team
This team serves as the check- in/hosts or facilitators of our Growth Track.

Baptism/Child Dedication Team
This team serves to prepare and facilitate individuals and families through the life changing experiences of being baptized in water or dedicating their child/children to the Lord.

New Here? Start Here! Team
This team will greet and welcome First-Time guests before and after services. They will also give the guests a gift and an invitation to the Meet the Pastors lunch. Must be a TFH Partner.

Meet the Pastors Team
This fun and energetic team works with the staff to provide an exciting welcome luncheon for our 1st time guests. This team includes set up/tear down, indoor/outdoor greeters, and food prep. This team serves once a quarter on the 5th Sunday.

Next Steps Team
This team cares about helping people on their journey with the Lord. Everyone has a next step and needs help knowing what that is. Must be a TFH Partner.

This team works in the Next Steps Area to provide information and guidance in the following:

• Salvation – (1st Step)
• Baptism
• Growth Track
• Life Groups
• Registration for events & conferences
• New Beginnings Class (online)

Administrative Team
This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization, data entry, correspondence, and special projects.

Data Entry Team
This team enters the Connection Cards and 1st & 2nd Time Guests into the database on Mondays for processing.

Count Team
This team is responsible for counting weekly tithes and offerings on Mondays. Members of this team must have experience in accounting or finance and strong administrative skills.

Persons interested in serving in this area must also meet the following criteria:

• Must be a TFH Partner

• Have been faithfully serving in another serving area for a minimum of 6 months.

• Sign a Confidentiality Agreement which will be kept on file until volunteer service has ended.

• Be a faithful tither. Giving records are frequently reviewed for volunteers on the Count Team.

Events Team
The team consists of individuals who assist the staff with hosting church-wide events.

Tasks on this team include the following:
• Food prep and distribution
• Set up before an event and reset the church after event
(cleaning, lifting, moving)

• Decorating

Please note: Each event is unique, so we can find somewhere for anyone to help regardless of personal limitations.

Sunday Set Up Team
This team ensures that TFH is ready for our Sunday services by restocking resources and supplies that are utilized by our partners, attendees, and guests. This team meets weekly on Thursdays.

Weekday Support Team
This team aids the staff during the week in various areas such as: clean-up/reset foyer, laundry, and reception area.

These teams create an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus.
Our Nursery/Pre-school ministry instructs children from Birth to 5 years old. We don’t simply change diapers and feed snacks. We actively teach children about Jesus in the way in which they learn most naturally.

Opportunities include:
• Greeters
• Check In
• Security
• Nursery
• Pre-School Small Group Leader
• KidCity Learning Center – Weekdays
• Lesson Prep Team

This team provides an engaging environment for kids (K-5th) with: rockin’ worship music, wacky games, fun crafts, exciting Bible Stories, drama and interactive learning that will keep your children begging to come to church every week. They will also be taught the whole Bible inside and out, repeatedly by the time they leave the 3rd grade. Ultimately, we give children an opportunity to become grounded in the Word and to learn to use their God-given gifts to become part of the church even at a young age.

Opportunities include:
• K-5th Small Group Leader
• AV Team
• Worship Team
• Stage Set Design
• Lesson Prep Team

TFH Youth Team
This team is building the next generation (6th-12th grade) through dynamic relevant teaching & small group ministry!
This team meets on Wed nights @ 5:30 pm.

Opportunities include:
• Greeters
• Check In
• Security
• Medical
• Small Group Leader
• AV Team
• Worship Team
• Lesson Prep Team

Buildings/Grounds Maintenance Team
This team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church.

Serving opportunities include building (repairs, painting, etc.) and grounds (mowing, edging, trimming, etc.) maintenance. Teams usually meet on Mondays & Thursdays.

Where we Love, Help, Laugh, Cry, Play, Pray, and Grow TOGETHER!

• Table Hostess
• Greeters
• Check In Hostess
• Event Set Up (during week)
• Sunday Event Postcard Team
• Sisterhood Serve Events
• Resource Center

exists to unite men with one another to encourage, support, and disciple them.

To provide a venue of fellowship that inspires and equips them to make positive changes where necessary and to be Godly husbands, fathers, and friends.

Changed men change men.