Online Giving

In order to be better stewards of your contributions, we have changed our online and scheduled giving tool.

Our old system will be turned off on November 30, 2019, and your scheduled contributions from that platform will stop.  In order to facilitate this change without disrupting your support we ask you to consider the following steps:

  • Please consider using your checking account for giving (also known as ACH). Checking accounts are more stable than credit or debit cards, and don’t expire. This saves administrative costs for the church and ensures your support is continuous. Thank you!
  • Text GIVE to 352.329.2301, click the link provided in the text then follow the instructions to set up your new scheduled online giving.
  • Click the GIVE NOW tab below to set up your new online scheduled contribution with the new platform.
  • CLICK HERE to access your old account on the HUB (our old database) to cancel your current scheduled contribution in our old system.

If you have any questions concerning ways to give,
please call the Church Office at (352) 315-1815 or send us an EMAIL

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