Sunday, September 3, 2023 | When the Church Prays | Aligning with God’s Word
Kevin Goff   -  

In our third installment of the “When the Church Prays” series, we’re honored to have Pastor Kevin Goff from the Rock Church in Phoenix, Arizona, sharing his wisdom. In his sermon titled “Aligning with God’s Word,” Pastor Goff delivers a powerful message on the transformative potential of prayer rooted in God’s Word. Pastor Goff emphasizes the profound connection between prayer and Scripture, highlighting how prayer aligns our lives with divine truth. He shows us that prayer is a harmonious symphony with God’s Word, making our prayers resonate more powerfully. Throughout the sermon, Pastor Goff encourages us to immerse ourselves in Scripture, deepening our understanding of God’s character and will, leading to clearer and purposeful prayers. Aligning our prayers with God’s Word, he teaches, transforms them into declarations of faith. Practical strategies for integrating scripture into daily prayer life are shared, promoting a deeper connection with God. As the sermon concludes, we leave with a renewed understanding of the synergy between prayer and the Word of God, deepening our commitment to both as integral parts of our faith journey.

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