Sunday, September 10, 2023 | When the Church Prays | Model Prayer
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In the fourth installment of our series, “When the Church Prays,” our founding Lead Pastor, Terry Mahan, delves into the “Model Prayer.” He explores the profound lessons hidden within the Lord’s Prayer. Pastor Terry walks us through the Lord’s Prayer, explaining its significance beyond a mere recitation. He highlights its elements, revealing how each phrase carries deep meaning and provides a structure for our own prayers. Through personal stories and biblical context, Pastor Terry shows how the Model Prayer teaches us reverence, submission, petition, and forgiveness. It becomes a guide for approaching God with humility and authenticity. The sermon inspires us to incorporate the Model Prayer into our daily lives as a foundational template for our conversations with God. It’s a reminder that this prayer is not just a script but a living example of how we can commune with our Creator. As the sermon closes, we leave with a renewed understanding of the Model Prayer’s power and a commitment to embrace its wisdom in our daily prayer life. Pastor Terry Mahan’s teaching reminds us that through prayer, we draw closer to God’s heart and align our lives with His divine will.

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