Sunday, February 11, 2024 | Extreme Makeover Relationships Edition | S2E2: The “F” Word
Andria Roberts   -  

Pastor Andria delivers a compelling message on the transformative power of forgiveness, dubbing it the “F” word. Acknowledging the difficulty of walking out forgiveness, she emphasizes its significance in leading a fulfilling life.

Pastor Andria clarifies that forgiveness is not about justifying actions or excusing wrongdoing but is instead a pathway to freedom from bitterness and resentment. Drawing from biblical teachings, she underscores the importance of obeying God’s command to forgive, trusting in His wisdom and goodness.

Highlighting the negative consequences of holding onto unforgiveness, such as hindering one’s faith and grieving the Holy Spirit, Pastor Andria provides practical steps for embracing forgiveness. These steps include making the decision to forgive, relying on God’s strength, and actively blessing and praying for those who have caused hurt.

In a poignant conclusion, Pastor Andria leads the congregation in a heartfelt prayer, encouraging those struggling with unforgiveness to release their pain and anger to God’s healing grace. She emphasizes that forgiveness is a choice that leads to liberation and wholeness.

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