Sunday, February 4, 2024 | Extreme Makeover Relationships Edition | S2E1: Love
Terry Mahan   -  

In the episode titled “Love” from the “Extreme Makeover – Relationships Edition” series, Pastor Terry shares a powerful story from over 50 years ago about the relationship between two football players, Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo. Despite racial challenges in the 1967 sports world, the two formed a close friendship, and even a movie, “Brian’s Song,” was made about their bond. Brian’s life was tragically cut short by cancer, leaving Gayle devastated.

Pastor Terry highlights two key principles for great relationships: love and forgiveness. Drawing inspiration from Jesus’ example, he references the moment before the Passover when Jesus expressed love for his disciples by washing their feet. Jesus then commands his followers to love one another as he has loved them.

The message emphasizes the transformative power of actions over opinions and encourages the practice of expressing love, particularly within life groups. Pastor Terry stresses the importance of being willing to pay the price for love, drawing parallels to a story about the founder of World Vision. The conclusion brings a hopeful vision of a diverse and united crowd standing before the throne in Revelation 7:9-12, proclaiming salvation from God and the Lamb. The episode underscores the significance of learning from Jesus’ example, expressing love, and being willing to sacrifice for the sake of building meaningful relationships.

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