2023 Sermons


In Pastor Tim Travis's sermon, "Don't Wait Too Late To," the congregation reflects on the past year and anticipates the year ahead. The sermon serves as a year-in-review and a guide for the church and individuals in 2023. Pastor Travis emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, mending relationships, and deepening faith without delay. It's a time for the church to unite, celebrate achievements, learn from challenges, and look forward to a year of purpose and spiritual growth. The sermon encourages individuals to act with a sense of urgency and not to postpone opportunities for personal and collective transformation.


"I Love My Church" marks the inaugural sermon series of 2023, designed to galvanize the congregation in their faith journey. Comprising six sermons, this series offers a clear path to purposeful living within the church community. It begins by stressing the alignment of one's life with a higher mission, followed by nurturing community and fostering meaningful connections. Congregants are encouraged to embrace service and the profound fulfillment it brings, as well as to practice generous giving, both in resources and in time and talents. The series culminates with an urgent call to immediate action, motivating the congregation to live out their faith with purpose in the present. This series serves as an inspiring guide, equipping the church community to pursue their faith journey with dedication and a strong sense of unity, setting a spirited tone for the year.


In a standalone teaching by guest speaker Paula Dannielle, titled "Purpose in the Puzzle," she leads the audience on a transformative journey. Paula emphasizes that every life experience, challenge, and success contributes to a grander purpose. Her message inspires individuals to see their life as a mosaic, with each piece, even the difficult ones, forming a beautiful whole. Paula leaves her audience with renewed hope and a deeper understanding that their unique purpose is intertwined with every part of their life's puzzle.


"Relationships Uncensored" is a four-part sermon series that candidly delves into the often-unspoken complexities of human connections. The series begins by addressing the baggage we carry into our relationships, encouraging us to confront and deal with it. It then explores the tendency to hide behind emotional baggage, emphasizing the need for vulnerability in fostering genuine relationships. Shifting the focus to friendship, the series highlights the qualities that define lasting and meaningful friendships. Finally, it concludes with a message of hope and renewal, motivating individuals to make positive changes and begin anew in their relationships. This series provides practical insights to promote self-awareness, authenticity, and healthier, more fulfilling connections with others.


Our dreams are the visions that shape our lives. After your relationship with Jesus, knowing God's dream for your life is the second-most important thing you'll ever discover. Sadly, some have never discovered the dream and others get caught up in surviving and stop dreaming. In this series we will learn how to discover or re-discover our God-given dreams.


In Pastor Ben Randall's standalone sermon, "Indispensable or Unnecessary," he delivers a profound message to fathers, highlighting five crucial principles. Firstly, he stresses the need for fathers to stand up to their divine calling, drawing inspiration from Ephesians 6:10-11. Secondly, Pastor Ben emphasizes the importance of fathers embodying both compassion and strength, referencing Colossians 3:12. He also urges fathers to confront challenges head-on, fostering unwavering faith, as demonstrated in Psalm 112:6-7. Additionally, he warns against succumbing to worldly corruption after knowing the Lord, taking guidance from 2 Peter 2:20. Lastly, Pastor Ben encourages fathers to embrace humility, aligning their roles with the measure of faith granted to them, in accordance with Romans 12:4. This impactful sermon serves as a compelling call to fathers, motivating them to understand the significance of their roles within their families and society, and inspiring them to lead with a balance of strength, compassion, faith, and humility while fulfilling their divine purpose.


The "Life Hacks" eight-week sermon series provides practical and spiritual guidance for a more fulfilling life. It covers topics like wisdom, physical health, self-control, recognizing God's role, the impact of words, financial wisdom, effective parenting, and unwavering faith. This series equips individuals with tools and wisdom to navigate life's challenges and embrace God's guidance.


"When the Church Prays" is a seven-week sermon series aimed at deepening the congregation's prayer lives and enhancing their connection with God. Led by dedicated pastors, the series explores various aspects of prayer, including unity in prayer, open dialogue about prayer, aligning prayer with Scripture, understanding the Lord's Prayer as a model, the power of praying in Jesus's name, embracing the limitless potential of faith in prayer, and taking personal responsibility for one's prayer life. This series provides practical insights and guidance for nurturing a rich and transformative prayer life, fostering unity within the church, and ultimately aligning more closely with God's will.


In a two-week series on serving, Pastor Terry Mahan begins by emphasizing the concept of being the greatest of all time (GOAT) in service, drawing inspiration from Mark 10:43,45, where Jesus teaches about greatness through servitude. He highlights how Jesus washed His disciples' feet before the Passover, exemplifying humility and service. The sermon delves into the seven steps Jesus took during the foot-washing, emphasizing the significance of each. Pastor Terry encourages humility and genuine service, emphasizing that true greatness is not about seeking recognition. Citing John 13:12-15, he underscores serving even when unnoticed. The sermon concludes with a call to serve with a humble heart, following Jesus' example. The congregation is inspired to be GOATs in their service, just as Jesus was the greatest servant of all time.


In the second sermon of the mini-series on serving, Pastor Terry Mahan delves into the theme of leaving a lasting legacy. He begins with a scene from Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," prompting individuals to contemplate the impact they want to have at their funeral.Pastor Terry encourages the congregation to "begin with the end in mind" by acknowledging the inevitability of mortality and reflecting on the legacy they'll leave behind. He emphasizes that a legacy isn't defined solely by achievements or possessions but by the impact on others and the values upheld.Referencing the Apostle Paul's greetings in Romans 16, Pastor Terry highlights the diverse roles and contributions within the early Christian community. He underscores that true legacy is about impacting lives, not seeking recognition.The sermon concludes with a challenge to reflect on one's life's "one-liner" and emphasizes that the past does not define a person. Pastor Terry leaves the congregation with Ephesians 2:8-10, reminding them of their role as God's masterpiece, created to do good works.Ultimately, the message inspires the congregation to lead a life of selfless service and create a legacy that reflects God's grace and purpose.


Pastor Tim Travis delivers a compelling sermon on the significance of establishing personal guardrails in our lives, drawing parallels to safety measures on a highway that guide and protect us from harmful paths. He highlights society's tendency to promote flexible boundaries, which can lead to perilous choices, and the subsequent judgment individuals face when they deviate from the right path. Pastor Tim emphasizes the proactive nature of guardrails, offering a framework for wise decision-making based on past experiences, current circumstances, and future aspirations. He advocates for thoughtful consideration and prayer in decision-making, underscoring the potential progression from minor transgressions to significant sins when clear boundaries are absent. Pastor Tim urges the audience to set personal guardrails, make necessary sacrifices, strengthen their moral foundation, and participate actively in church activities. The teaching concludes with a call to action, encouraging self-evaluation and the pursuit of a purpose-driven, morally upright life.


In Pastor Terry Mahan’s sermon, “Creating an Atmosphere for a Miracle,” the focal passage is Acts 16:25-32, where Paul and Silas experience a remarkable deliverance while imprisoned. The sermon’s main points are as follows: Firstly, it emphasizes that miracles often arise from difficult situations and underscores the importance of one’s internal response. Paul and Silas being beaten, imprisoned, and in stocks serves as an example. Secondly, the sermon encourages congregants to actively create an environment conducive to miracles, drawing from the actions of Paul and Silas in prison. They prayed and sang hymns at midnight, signifying the dawn of a new day, illustrating that even in challenging times, new beginnings can emerge. The audience is urged to expect sudden breakthroughs and to use their faith and positivity to shake off the metaphorical shackles that bind them, actively cooperating in setting the stage for their own miracles.


Your thinking determines your destiny. Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right. This series will give you tools to renew your mind through the power of God's Word so you can live a passionate, purpose-filled life and fulfill your destiny.