February 1 - March 26

The heartbeat of TFH is leaving a legacy in whatever way we can. Our mission efforts include strategic partnerships locally, nationally, and worldwide.
There are so many outlets where we leave a legacy through our generosity. In years past we have focused on bringing our Legacy offering at the end of year, but this year we feel that we should focus on the first of the year by putting God first in our sacrificial giving. In the previous years we have focused our giving toward several areas – from campus improvements to national and international strategic needs.
This year we are focusing our Legacy offering toward Missions, especially to reaching the unreached people groups. Although we highlight Legacy throughout the year and provide pathways to partner in that journey, it culminates with our Legacy Offering which is over and above our normal tithes and offerings on our 27th Anniversary Sunday March 26. We are believing for $100,000 to fulfill what’s in our hearts to accomplish through Legacy this year!!!
Pick up a GOLD envelope & pray about what God would have you to give this year. Put the envelope where you can see it and pray that what you and others do will help us make a difference in bringing hope and impacting the world with the Good News of Jesus. We have already received over $15,000 in gifts to start this endeavor.
On our Anniversary Sunday, 3.26.23, we will bring our LEGACY GIFTS TOGETHER AND PRESENT THEM TO THE LORD. (those who have already given can just use an envelope and note the amount you gave)
Let’s all be in prayer for what role we can play. Thank you for your prayers and participation, support, and your faith. This has started out to be one of the greatest years in the life of TFH and we believe our best is still very much in front of us.

“Because I have set my heart on the house of my God, I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house… who among you is ready and willing to join in the giving?” 1 CHRONICLES 29:3-6

Use a GOLD envelope, text LEGACY to 352.329.2301 or CLICK HERE to give.