Congratulations you did it! – 21 Days of seeking God in prayer and fasting.

I would like to share  a blog with you from Jentezen Franklin that really says what I am sensing:

“As Christians, we love the Old Testament story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho because God teaches us so much through that miracle. The soldiers marched around the walls for seven days, then blew the Shofar horn, screamed and walls came tumbling down… just like God said it would.

As we’ve been going through the fast, I have strongly felt that many of you are at a crossroads or transition. And when God is going to do something powerful in your life, He will always challenge your comfort zone just as He did Joshua and the Israelites.

Even though the children of Israel were already in the Promised Land, they still had to fight the enemy to keep it. When you get close to your place of promise, the resistance gets greater. You can count on it!

Here’s what has been on my mind for you during this fast… inside those walls of Jericho was a “power relationship” for the nation of Israel that they didn’t even understand at the time. Inside those walls was the great, great grandmother of Jesus Christ. A harlot named Rahab whose destiny was tied up with the Jews, and she was a gentile. What if they had disobeyed? What if they decided the resistance was too hard? What if they had taken the easy route and walked away from their Jericho?

What miracles wait inside your wall of Jericho? For your business? Your marriage? Your family? Your health? Don’t give up! You’ve met walls of resistance, but during this fast those walls are already cracking. Trust Him. Praise Him in your personal time of worship today.”

Let’s expect Miracles in 2016! This fast has not been ordinary; it has encouraged and empowered us. I am hearing of reports on blessings, healing, breakthroughs, and miracles.

If your miracle hasn’t already happened, don’t give up. Believe that 2016 will be a year of growing closer to God than ever before and bringing answers for your BEST YEAR EVER. I will continue to pray for you.

Thanks for joining me on this journey,